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British Values


How We Promote it



  • We have a democratically elected school council which is elected at the start of each academic year. The council meets regularly to discuss issues and questions raised by pupils and how we can make our school a happy place for everyone.
  • Circle time activities, along with the School Council ensure that every student in our school has a voice. We also have a confidential ‘Worry Box’ in our shared space.
  • In June 2017 students held their own ‘mini –election’ in which some students organised their own parties, wrote manifestos, campaigned and gave speeches to the school.
  • In our research into ancient civilisations we will look at the foundations of democracy (History).
  • Democracy is also promoted during daily assemblies.

The Rule of Law

  • High expectations of pupil conduct are reflected in our Behaviour Policy and ‘Golden Rules’ which are displayed in every classroom and used consistently across both classes.
  • At Goathland we strive to achieve a positive, encouraging ethos. Rewards such as Golden Time, Star of the Week and Headteacher’s Awards are given to those who exhibit good and kind behaviour and demonstrate our values. In assemblies, PSHCE and RE lessons our pupils are supported to develop a strong and personal sense of morality.


Individual Liberty

  • In all aspects of life at Goathland School pupils are are encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour, work and play. By inviting outside experts to help us instruct them in music and sport we are able to offer a greater range of experiences so vital in a child’s primary years.
  • Children are taught about keeping themselves safe, including e-Safety, through assemblies, ICT lessons and biannual Health Weeks which provide an opportunity for the whole school to focus on specific issues.


Mutual Respect

  • We have high expectations of pupil conduct in our school as reflected in the Behaviour Policy. Our pupils are encouraged to respect each and every member of the school community. We make great efforts to teach our pupils that respect for each other and those in the wider world must underpin all that we do.


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