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Base 2

Base 2 made apple crumbles with Miss Taylor and Mrs Brown today. The children throughly enjoyed peeling, dicing, weighing and mixing their ingredients. Their finished crumbles looked delicious! Well done everyone.

Base 2 have been learning about seasonal food this half term. Using the Eat-Well Guide the children designed their own pizzas. Lots of fun was had!

Pannett Park Museum

Base 2 had a super morning looking at the fossils and other displays in the Pannett Park Museum. The children then walked from Whitby to Sandsend whilst hunting for possible fossils. We had intended to look for some more fossils and hammer open our rocks on Sandsend beach but the heavens opened! Even our hardy outdoor children couldn’t withstand the thunder, lightning and downpour. We returned to school and investigated our fossils and rocks in the slightly dryer Goathland playground.

Bikeability 2022

Today Base 2 took part in Bikeability. Year 3 and 4 learnt to control their bikes in preparation for the road, how to communicate clearly to others and the importance of making frequent observations. 

Year 6 went on to develop their skills for cycling on single lane roads with junctions. 

Base2 spent a fabulous day at Eden Camp immersing themselves in the sights, soundsand smells of life both on the Home Front and the Front-Line during WW2.

Weekly Clarinet Lessons

Our Year 5 and 6 pupils canoed down the river Esk to Whitby harbour. Whizzing down the weir was definately a highlight of the day! Well done everyone.

Day 1- Rock Climbing and Scrambling at Wainstone Craggs, just beyond Great Broughton.

The Year 5 and 6 children had a fantastic day. The pictures speak for themselves. ⛰

As part of their scienceproject on plants, the children have drawn detailed pastel pictures ofindividual fruit and their seeds. They are, quite rightly, very proud of theirwork. We hope to display them at the Village Show in August.

Base 2 have been cooking sweet and sour vegetables using a selection of plants as part of their science work. They have been learning about fertilisation, pollination and different edible parts of plants. They also made a honey and soy dressing.


In Base 2 the children have begun a science project on plants and made models and botanical illustrations of flowers to learn about the structures which make up their reproductive system. The gardening theme also runs through our literacy lessons where we are using the texts, The Midnight Gardener and Tom's Midnight Garden as writing stimuli.

Today, as a whole school, we joined together to begin making our salt dough easter egg decorations. Sticky floury finger marks show up quite clearly on school trousers and sweatshirts!


At the end of our unit about Christianity the children in Base 2 designed and made pebbles showing important Christian symbols.  

Base 2 enjoyed their video conference with Mr Robert Goodwill, MP for Scarborough and Whitby.  The children shared their concerns about the environment and the catastrophic effects of plastic pollution.  The issue of littering in our local community led to a very lively discussion!  It seems Goathland School may well produce one or two future MPs...

Spring / Summer Term

We love Base 2's use of different media to depict our solar system! 

Space - Our Solar System

Base 2 light project - Electricity & Circuits

Sirius Minerals

Sirius Minerals gave a very informative presentation on the mine and career opportunities to Base 2. We already seem to have budding engineers and geologists amongst us.  The children also held a piece of rock older than the dinosaurs which was found 1,500 meters below sea level and took 2 years of digging to reach!

Whitby Schools World Cup 2019

Base 2 were drawn as Ireland in The Whitby Schools World Cup. Ireland played fiercely and were placed 4th. Well done! 

Eskdale Festival of the arts, Whitby

Science Experiments

Base 2's Roman Shields

Base 2 pupils show off their Roman Shields in Goathland. 

Base 2 Science Work

The children in Base 2 have been learning about the properties of light in their science work this half term in order to solve a burglary. Some diamond earrings were stolen during a play rehearsal at the Spa & we are helping the police catch the culprits.

Base 2’s Trip to Ryedale Folk Museum


Base 2 spent the day at Ryedale Folk Museum as a final part of their themed learning this term. The children experienced chores poor children would do in their homes and in a wash house. They spent a short period in a Victorian classroom (with a very strict teacher!) chanting tables, writing on slates and using quill pens and ink. They then relaxed and had fun playing with Victorian toys and exploring the rest of the museum.


Road Safety

Air Resistance

Base 2 have begun to investigate air resistance. They had to reduce the air resistance of a large piece of card to make it easier to run with.

Years 5 & 6 will now investigate the link between surface area and air resistance while Years 3&4 will investigate whether the weight of an object affects how fast it falls to the ground

Sword Dancing

Our Junior Sword Dancing Team are making rapid progress. Here they are proudly displaying their 'Lock' made at the end of the Goathland Dance.


Base 2 visited Whitby Museum as part of their Science work on Evolution. They were amazed at the ichthyosaur fossils on display!


Power-Down Pete

Visited school and taught us all how to be more environmentally friendly. We looked at ways of cutting down waste and saving electricity. The School Council will be helping us all remember how to make our school more Eco-friendly!

Countryside Day

Easter Trail. Base 2 took part in an Easter trail at Egton Church. They went to several stations and learned about how the Easter story can be relevant to life today.

Year 6 are relieved to have made it through SATs! Here they are with mascots made with the help of Mrs Herdman.

Base 2 went litter picking in the village before enjoying a well earned icecream!

Base 2 investigate how sound travels.


As part of their work on Sound (science) and Recycling (Environmental awareness) Base 2 have been making windchimes. Luca Hall is delighted with his!

School Governor, Angus Nicholson, visited school in December. He worked with Base 2 building a model swing bridge similar to the bridge in Whitby harbour.

School Governor, Angus Nicholson, visited school in December. He worked with Base 2 building a model swing bridge similar to the bridge in Whitby harbour.School Governor, Angus Nicholson, visited school in December. He worked with Base 2 building a model swing bridge similar to the bridge in Whitby harbour.

Key Stage 2 have been learning to spin using drop spindles like the Ancient Greeks

Archie B award

Year 5 & 6 Children worked as volunteers with the National Park helping to clear, and lay a new surface on, the footpath alongside Water Ark in Goathland,  They also helped clear some bracken on Danby Moor, this work will count towards their awards for helping in their communities.

French Café Morning

Key Stage 2 children set up a French Café and spent the morning in role play practising their French food vocabulary.  The activity finished with the whole school sharing a French snack.  Great fun was had by all.

Challenge: Can you balance the forces!


Winning Orienteering Duo

Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station

Base 2 enjoyed a visit to Hartlepool nuclear power station on Friday.  Everyone was amazed by the size and scale of it! We all learned something new and some of us returned to school wanting to be nuclear engineers in the future!

Mini Moors Rally

Our Belonging Tree!

We designed and built Space Station models as part of our Space Topic

Gallery March 2016

Viking Trader Visit

Base 2 – were visited by Sif a Viking trader on Wednesday. History came alive in the classroom as we all learnt about the everyday life of people in the Saxon/Viking era.

Eskdale Festival

Huge congratulations to the children for their success in this year’s festival.

Science Club

Base 2 enjoyed their last Science Club for this term.  They investigated how craters are formed on planets and made their own Martian surface with clay.  It was great fun making craters with pebbles, although it proved to be very messy!

Bradford Multicultural Visit 

Base 2 visited a Mosque and a Gurdwara in the city of Bradford.  They were also able to compare a city environment with that of a rural village.  The visit ended with shopping in the Bombay Stores.

Writing Workshop

The children of Base 2 rode on the steam train from Goathland to Pickering to participate in a persuasive writing workshop run by the NYMR education officer.

Their brief was to persuade Dr Beeching not to close the railway. They made a very good case and had the opportunity to read their letters to Dr Beeching himself before returning by train to Goathland.

Base 2 Go Fossiling!

Base 2 travelled to Boggle Hole and Stoupe Beck to study rocks and fossils.  We discovered how erosion has changed the coastline and tried to work out where the cliff might have been thousands of years ago. 
On our walk along the beach we collected many fossils including a lovely ammonite and everyone managed to find something special to take home!  On our walk back some of us discovered just how heavy a bag of rocks can be!!  This resulted in some difficult decisions being made in order to lighten the load!  Our day ended with dam building before returning to school.

Hit the Surf

Cooking at Eskdale


Junior Pupils performed Midsummer Nights Dream at Whitby Shakespeare Festival in the Spa Theatre

Bronze Age

We learned about the Bronze Age with Heather McNiff from Danby Moors Centre and Walk to Two Howes and Simon Howe

Iron Age

Roman Visit to Cawthorn Camp and Roman Road

Indian Puppets

Scarborough Art Gallery

Pupils learn about Portraiture from Artist-in-residence Karen Thompson, at Scarborough Art Gallery.

Boulby Dark Matter

Base 2 children learn about 'Dark Matter' from Scientists at Boulby Potash Mine.

Shakespeare Performance at the Spa Theatre in Whitby

Junior pupils performed Macbeth at Whitby Shakespeare Festival in the Spa Theatre

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